Confidential HR Advice Forum

Go Ahead.  Ask.  Share.  This is a forum for HR professionals to share knowledge, while preserving confidentiality, as needed.

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Blog and Articles

A platform to share thoughts, rants, and interesting perspectives from the Human Resource ether.

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What is HR Incognito

HR professionals sometimes have opinions to share, questions to ask, or stories to highlight, but ultimately bite their tongue in order to protect confidentiality of parties involved.

This forum allows anonymity so that the best, most relevant, most candid and raw feedback can be shared more openly with professional colleagues.

Go Ahead Ask/Share…

We invite you to start a thread and invite discussion.  You may have a best practice to highlight, but aren’t able to divulge your current position/company.  You may have a scenario to bounce off others, but simply can’t post in other forums because the identity of those involved would be compromised.  This forum is different…

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